01. personal

Getting to Know Me

I’m an East Coaster who moved to DFW over seven years ago. I’ve got three sisters (my very best friends) and an odd combination of advertising design and theology degrees. And while I miss my family, the mountains, and voting in a swing state, I feel fortunate to have spent almost five years serving some of the most brilliant, creative people in the filmmaking and advertising industry at a company called Musicbed.

If I’m not out-of-town on an adventure (I probably am) I’m more than likely home carrying out thrilling activities such as reading, doing a puzzle, drinking tea, or going to bed early. My favorite spot on the internet is google.com/flights, I’m perpetually attempting to reach inbox zero, and I used-to-maybe-still-do want to be in the CIA.


all the personality

Strategic | Learner | Intellection | Individualization | Achiever
Dominance + Conscientiousness
INTJ | Rational Mastermind
One | Reformer

wonderful things

+ People watching
+ Asking questions
+ Family time
+ Indoor plants
+ City skylines
+ Cool weather
+ Early mornings
+ Jazz nights
+ Nature’s gradients
+ Walls of books