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I'm not your average project manager.

Sure, I’m in the weeds at Musicbed building out the perfect project briefs, working through campaign strategies, and scheduling tasks in our project management system system. But I’m also a team development and healthy culture champion, departmental liaison, event planner (two 500+ attendee conferences down!), and a brand representative for our third-party vendors. Asking questions that strengthen our processes and projects is a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve had my hands in most everything, and I’m willing to try anything.

My background’s varied, but regardless of where I’m at my sweet spot stays the same: hovering over the big picture, strategizing next steps to get my team to the finish line stronger than ever.


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I'm a project manager at Musicbed in DFW. We provide great music for filmmakers around the globe!


Past Experience


2013 - 2014


Originally hired by Christ For The Nations as a graphic designer, I quickly began to wear additional hats on the job. I wasn’t intimidated by presenting work to clients in a big conference room setting. In fact, I loved it. I established myself as a liaison, meeting with each department regularly to better understand their needs and long-term goals. I began to manage our work load in Basecamp, and built a unique work request process for each “client”. Handling the strategy and logistics of our projects didn’t overwhelm me, so I let the other creatives around me focus on, well, anything but logistics.

Project Management • Team Leadership • Client Presentations • Strategic Planning • Copywriting • Graphic Design



2011 - 2013


Beginning as a Specialist, my role emphasized customer experience and service. During my time at Apple I also grew into roles that allowed me to work as a concierge for the front door and Genius Bar, a trainer for workshops and one-on-ones, and a technician at the Genius Bar for iOS and mobile devices (with a little Mac triage thrown in for good measure). I have some great stories because of this job.

Sales • Technician • Trainer • Concierge • Customer Experience Strategy



2011 - 2012

Tidewater Creative

A creative firm founded to assist local businesses in branding and strategy, I joined as a creative partner in the early days of the firm. My role on a small team required me to be willing to take on anything to make a project happen: from meeting with clients and working with printers and vendors to doing the design grunt work and pitching to the client.

Brand Strategy • Graphic Design • Account Manager • Creative Direction • Copywriting • Project Logistics



2010 - 2011


I was approached by His1040 at a time when they had recently lost their Creative Director. While I wasn’t able to commit to more than a year of work at the time, I was able to help craft a marketing strategy, build their website and social media presence, and create necessary communicate collateral to raise support for humanitarian aid workers around the world.

Marketing Strategy • Graphic Design • Social Media Management • Copywriting



2008 - Present


I don't remember playing “house” as a little girl more than I remember playing “business”. I dreamed of the day I’d be able to own my own business. As soon as I got my hands on Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS2, to be exact), I started designing logos, print collateral, and even websites for anyone that would let me. While I've worked for some big names, my favorite work has always been bringing the dreams of small business owners to life.

Brand Strategy • Graphic Design • Copywriting • Project Logistics





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